Why Guest Bartending is becoming increasingly popular


Guest bartending has become a trend across many bars and clubs around New York City. It simply means you can call a bar, schedule a time to come in with friends, go behind the bar and serve drinks! Here’s some reasons why it’s become so popular and why you should try guest bartending this weekend


Who’s ready for the final game? Argentina faces Germany in the Last Match!

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After many weeks of exciting games of soccer, we are down to the final two teams in the World Cup! Argentina and Germany will be playing each other on Sunday, July 13th.


5 Delicious Party Appetizers That Go With Any Drink


The number one stress for hosting a party is finding the right appetizers to satisfy your guests. With a variety of different people, you’re likely to have some beer drinkers, wine lovers, and hard alcohol fans. The tricky part is finding delicious appetizers that pair nicely with any drink. Here is an inspirational list based off some of Side Bar’s very own appetizers: (more…)

Beer Tasting 101: Three Essential Beer Tasting Tips


Hot summer day? Long day at work? Lets face it you probably need a beer, or maybe a few. The true way to cure any bad day is through a well-deserved beer tasting. Now before you blindly jump into a tasting, you should first know the essentials for a quality beer tasting experience. (more…)

USA vs Belgium


Tomorrow the USA will be playing Belgium in the round of sixteen at the World Cup in Brazil. Going into the cup, USA was an underdog team hoping to make it out of the Group of Death. By some chance of luck, USA managed to advance after losing the game to Germany 0-1.While this is a huge achievement in itself, the knockout round has no luck to fall on. It is is truely do or die. The one and done format starts in the round of sixteen and carries until the final. Belgium is a dangerous The match-prediction algorithm gives the U.S. about a 42 percent chance of winning a knockout-stage game against Belgium based on each team’s SPI rating as of Thursday morning. (more…)

Three Ideas for a Corporate Party

After a long week of work, it is a great idea to get together with your coworkers and spend some time outside of the office. Grab some drinks, have some food, and spend some time relaxing with your coworkers and not talking about work. Corporate parties are a fantastic way to connect and hangout with people on a more intimate level. Who knows, maybe your boss will do something unexpected. You know you definitely deserve this break, so drink up, let loose, and celebrate the weekend. Here are three great ideas for a corporate party.


Seven Summer Drink Recipes

Watermelon Mojito with Watermelon Garnish

Spend your hot summer day relaxing with friends and laying out by the pool with a drink in hand. Summer time is also the perfect time to host a party. Whether it’s Fourth of July, Labor Day, Father’s Day, or a birthday, it’s a great time to take advantage of the warm weather and host a party outside. Pair your summertime barbecue foods with a cool and refreshing drink. Here are some great summer cocktail recipes for a day lounging or an outdoor party:


Funbars FIFA World Cup Biggest Fan Contest at SideBAR


Want to win big this summer? Come join SideBAR in our World Cup Selfie Contest and get the chance to have a fun night with friends and an open bar! Show your World Cup pride and take the best selfie to win!

Funbars FIFA World Cup Biggest Fan Contest

FIFA Fans, are you ready to party? Prove that you’re soccer’s biggest fan and win a $1,000 bar tab at any Funbars location!

From now until June 26th, post a picture, selfie or video of you and your friends’ game faces, painted faces, jerseys, cheering and drinking for your favorite team or anything that shows that you are FIFA’s Biggest Fan! Hashtag #FIFAFunbars and get the most “likes” to win a $1,000 bar tab!

On June 26th, the top ten pictures/videos with the most likes will be moving into the final round! The picture with the most likes by July 13th will win the grand prize!

Submissions will be accepted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and must use #FIFAFunbars. Encourage your friends and family members to like/favorite your picture for a better chance to win!

Official Rules

*Post a World Cup themed photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Must hashtag #FIFAFunbars

*Contest Submissions Start on 6/12 and end on 6/26.

*The second half of the contest with the top ten pictures will run from 6/27-7/13.  A winner will be chosen on 7/13.

*Check and ‘like’ or ‘favorite’ the pictures you think are the best as they get uploaded

*$1,000 bar tab must be redeemed within one visit minimum of 10 people, can be applied to an open bar package

It’s easy to participate and win a great prize! Remember to ‘like’ or ‘favorite’ the selfies  you think are the best. Have fun!

How To: Drink on a Budget


It’s the weekend and you are finally able to go out and relax, grab some drink with friends, and have a good time. You have a great night, but you wake up the next day regretful when your wallet is empty, and you find a plethora of texts from your bank reminding you of each and every dollar you spent. It is easy to lose track of money when you’re and buying drinks and food throughout the night. Here are some helpful tips that will allow you to go out and not break the bank.


How to throw the best NBA Finals party


The NBA finals have officially begun. The San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat are in it again to fight it out for the championship ring. No one wants to watch the game alone, so grab friends and some booze. Here are some tips on how to throw the best NBA Finals party.


1. Choosing the right game

Unless you want to shell out for every game, it’s important to choose the right game to watch. In the best of seven format every game is crucial, but some are more important than others. Historically teams that win game 3 of the NBA series win the series 76% of the time. Game 5 has also been a historically great game to watch. And if the it goes down to game 7, that is the ultimate party to have.


2. Arranging the viewing area

It may sound silly, but it’s important to rearrange your furniture in accomodate the most people in your space. Chances are you only have one TV, so make sure it’s centered around all the seating. It’s also important to have food to the side, so people won’t go to the coffee table in the center and block all the action.


3. Food

Okay, let’s be real. Most people come to these parties for the free food. Impress your friends with a nice spread of classic sports game food. Loaded nachos, sliders, chips, an array of dips, tacos, wings etc. are all great options to have. Avoid ordering from fast food restaurants because homemade is the best way to go. If you don’t enjoy making food, then make it a potluck and spread out the work. Throw in some fruit and some side salads to keep things fresh and prevent you from getting too weighed down.


4. Most Importantly: Beer

Beer is essential to have in any sports watching party. It keeps the adrenaline pumping and the atmosphere going. You better stock up and go to the nearest wholesale club. Buy a variety of beers and cater to all your friends likings. Don’t forget the ice and coolers because nobody wants a room temp. beer.


If you you’re not into throwing your own party or if it seems like too much work, come down to Side Bar. We will be playing the games for your viewing pleasure, and we have hundreds of beers on tap and private rooms for your party.