Taste Beer Like an Expert

You love beer and decide you want to become a beer geek. Contrary to popular belief, becoming a beer professional is more than just drinking as much beer as you can. You actually have to pay attention to what you are drinking and use some of your senses. Follow these tips below, and with practice, you will become a beer connoisseur in no time! (more…)

October Sports Schedule



October is right around the corner and for a lot of sports fanatics that means greatness. October is an awesome time for sports. The NFL season is in full force, MLB playoffs begin, and we also see the start of the hockey and basketball seasons. Make sure you set aside a few nights during the week to go out and enjoy all the exciting sporting events that are happening this month. (more…)

3 Elements To Keep in Mind When Planning a Get Together

If you’re looking to find the perfect venue for group dining or for private events, it can be a difficult task in New York City, where there are so many locations. At SideBAR we can create a memorable experience for groups, whether you’re coming down to watch a sports game, coming to celebrate your birthday, or coming in for a corporate event. We look to measure and improve the experience we provide based on various basic ideas that are typically useful for anyone who is looking to organize an event. Below are the basic ideas people typically look out for and ones we utilize to strive upon: (more…)

Two Games to Try When Drinking and Hanging Out with Your Friends

Are you getting ready to wind down your weekend or already planning to go out with coworkers or friends over the next few days to make the beginning of the work week less painful? Don’t worry, we have two drinking game ideas you can utilize to have more fun during your time out. Playing drinking games can add a new and fun twist to an otherwise routine time out, which can frankly get monotonous and repetitive sometimes. Without further ado, the two games to play: (more…)

3 Ideas to Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

After a long week of work, many people just want to have fun with their friends, family and yes, sometimes even coworkers. Throwing a corporate party can be really fun and can also be a great way to de-stress with the people in your office and also a great way to motivate and encourage employees to bond with one another. That leaves the question, what kind of party can you throw? Here are some ideas for throwing a great corporate event: (more…)

5 Must Try Foods When Watching Football Games

national football league
Football season is finally here after a very long hiatus, and we know everyone is back to looking for places to go to for their favorite NFL football games! Watching every single football game live can get very expensive, very quickly- so why not head on over to SideBAR and enjoy the games with some friends and others who love the games as much as you do? What really makes the games fun to watch, are the beers and foods you drink and eat while watching the intense games. The beer is a given at SideBAR since we have plenty of beers on tap as well as a large variety of domestic and imported bottles to choose from. As for food, take a look at a few delicious finger food appetizers we have to offer at SideBAR that you can choose from. (more…)

Why Mondays are the Most Underrated Day of the Week


Every week, all everyone talks about is how excited they are for the weekend. People want Friday evening to come as quickly as possible and they all dread the upcoming Monday morning. But did you ever wonder how life would be if you turned your Monday around and made it just like a Friday or Saturday? At Sidebar, Mondays aren’t treated like the worst day of the week.


6 Reasons Why You Deserve a Party

Simply stated, you deserve a party. Maybe no one is throwing one for you, but who said it’s against the rules to throw a party for yourself? Who ever made it necessary for there to be “something” to celebrate in order to have a party? Here we will establish 6 simple reasons why you deserve a party: (more…)

Throwing a Fun Fantasy Football Draft Party

With the football season kicking off on September 4th, it’s time to start thinking about the fantasy football leagues once again. More importantly, it’s time to start planning your fantasy football draft party. We put together a few tips and outlined some steps on how you can throw the perfect fantasy football draft party: (more…)

How to Host a Backyard Barbecue


Sadly, we’re in the last months of summer, but that doesn’t mean you should slow down on having fun! There’s so much left to do, including days at the beach, road trips, bonfires and of course many more backyard barbecues! If you’re thinking about hosting one, we have some tips for you on how to have a great barbecue with your friends! (more…)