6 Reasons Why You Deserve a Party

Simply stated, you deserve a party. Maybe no one is throwing one for you, but who said it’s against the rules to throw a party for yourself? Who ever made it necessary for there to be “something” to celebrate in order to have a party? Here we will establish 6 simple reasons why you deserve a party: (more…)

How to Host a Backyard Barbecue


Sadly, we’re in the last months of summer, but that doesn’t mean you should slow down on having fun! There’s so much left to do, including days at the beach, road trips, bonfires and of course many more backyard barbecues! If you’re thinking about hosting one, we have some tips for you on how to have a great barbecue with your friends! (more…)

Why Going to Happy Hour Can be the Best Decision You Made All Day

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How to Pack for the Beach


When going to the beach, it’s important to be as prepared as possible. For those beach goers who spend the entire morning and afternoon on the sand, it can be crucial to pack the right things. Sun protection is essential—-and let’s not forget snacks and drinks! We have the ultimate guide for what to pack on your next beach trip:


Why Guest Bartending is Becoming Increasingly Popular



Guest bartending has become a trend across many bars and clubs around New York City. It simply means you can call a bar, schedule a time to come in with friends, go behind the bar and serve drinks! Here’s some reasons why it’s become so popular and why you should try guest bartending this weekend


Who’s ready for the final game? Argentina faces Germany in the Last Match!

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After many weeks of exciting games of soccer, we are down to the final two teams in the World Cup! Argentina and Germany will be playing each other on Sunday, July 13th.


5 Delicious Party Appetizers That Go With Any Drink


The number one stress for hosting a party is finding the right appetizers to satisfy your guests. With a variety of different people, you’re likely to have some beer drinkers, wine lovers, and hard alcohol fans. The tricky part is finding delicious appetizers that pair nicely with any drink. Here is an inspirational list based off some of Side Bar’s very own appetizers: (more…)

Beer Tasting 101: Three Essential Beer Tasting Tips


Hot summer day? Long day at work? Lets face it you probably need a beer, or maybe a few. The true way to cure any bad day is through a well-deserved beer tasting. Now before you blindly jump into a tasting, you should first know the essentials for a quality beer tasting experience. (more…)

USA vs Belgium


Tomorrow the USA will be playing Belgium in the round of sixteen at the World Cup in Brazil. Going into the cup, USA was an underdog team hoping to make it out of the Group of Death. By some chance of luck, USA managed to advance after losing the game to Germany 0-1.While this is a huge achievement in itself, the knockout round has no luck to fall on. It is is truely do or die. The one and done format starts in the round of sixteen and carries until the final. Belgium is a dangerous The match-prediction algorithm gives the U.S. about a 42 percent chance of winning a knockout-stage game against Belgium based on each team’s SPI rating as of Thursday morning. (more…)