Thursday Night Football: The Jets vs. The Patriots


New Yorkers are not going to want to miss Thursday Night Football at SideBAR this week as the hometown Jets are headed into Foxboro to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. It’s the first matchup of the year for these division foes who have been at each other’s throats for years. (more…)

3 Popular Beer Myths Debunked

You are a beer lover and it’s the beverage of choice for you. But you hear all these myths about them- like drinking too much will give you a beer belly and that dark beers have more alcohol content than light beers, and you’re not quite sure what to make of it. We took the time to look into some of the more popular myths regarding beer and found the real truth behind them. Take a look for yourself and see which ones have been debunked! (more…)

Taste Beer Like an Expert

You love beer and decide you want to become a beer geek. Contrary to popular belief, becoming a beer professional is more than just drinking as much beer as you can. You actually have to pay attention to what you are drinking and use some of your senses. Follow these tips below, and with practice, you will become a beer connoisseur in no time! (more…)

October Sports Schedule



October is right around the corner and for a lot of sports fanatics that means greatness. October is an awesome time for sports. The NFL season is in full force, MLB playoffs begin, and we also see the start of the hockey and basketball seasons. Make sure you set aside a few nights during the week to go out and enjoy all the exciting sporting events that are happening this month. (more…)

3 Elements To Keep in Mind When Planning a Get Together

If you’re looking to find the perfect venue for group dining or for private events, it can be a difficult task in New York City, where there are so many locations. At SideBAR we can create a memorable experience for groups, whether you’re coming down to watch a sports game, coming to celebrate your birthday, or coming in for a corporate event. We look to measure and improve the experience we provide based on various basic ideas that are typically useful for anyone who is looking to organize an event. Below are the basic ideas people typically look out for and ones we utilize to strive upon: (more…)

Two Games to Try When Drinking and Hanging Out with Your Friends

Are you getting ready to wind down your weekend or already planning to go out with coworkers or friends over the next few days to make the beginning of the work week less painful? Don’t worry, we have two drinking game ideas you can utilize to have more fun during your time out. Playing drinking games can add a new and fun twist to an otherwise routine time out, which can frankly get monotonous and repetitive sometimes. Without further ado, the two games to play: (more…)

3 Ideas to Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

After a long week of work, many people just want to have fun with their friends, family and yes, sometimes even coworkers. Throwing a corporate party can be really fun and can also be a great way to de-stress with the people in your office and also a great way to motivate and encourage employees to bond with one another. That leaves the question, what kind of party can you throw? Here are some ideas for throwing a great corporate event: (more…)